Indiana Ag Leader Facilitates Home Sale

It’s not everyday we are tasked to sell a home with fifty acres of farmland attached. Nevertheless, that’s what happened when the Parsons family decided to move to the East coast to be closer to their young adult children who put up stakes there.

The fifty acres of the Parsons farm had once been a thriving agricultural powerhouse producing crops of corn, soybeans, wheat and barley. The farm was in the family for over one-hundred years.

During the agricultural shifts that took place over the last twenty years, the Parsons had ramped down their operation. The children had grown up and left for professional jobs in regions of greater population.

The old family home was magnificent and it would not be hard to sell, but how do you tack on the fifty acres platted to the house which add a considerable cost to the entire property?

Xpress House Sale of Indiana knew that promoting the agricultural potential of the land was key. We decided to pick the Ag leader in South central Indiana, Precision Farming Solutions ( to help document the potential this property had to offer.

Why pick Precision Farming Solutions over dozens of other farm suppliers?

We knew that Precision Farming Solutions was much more than a farm supplier. Their reputation in Southern Indiana is legendary for the depth to which they employ science into the art of agriculture.

They have been known to look back through decades of historic information about land conditions to supply good advice about the best farming practices for their clients.

Who better to help create a description of the Parson’s homestead and farm land than an Ag leader that can provide full reports on the soil conditions, irrigation systems and other critical factors that dictate the potential success or failure of an agricultural endeavor?

No time was wasted

Precision Farming Solutions was commissioned to create a prospectus outlining the past and future potential of the property for agricultural purposes.

Much of the farmland in Indiana shifted it’s activities when a nationwide and then global thrust towards including ethanol in gasoline took place.

There were forces that felt it signaled the end of traditional corn farming in the Midwest because it placed the price of corn as a commodity at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange in a tizzy.

Furthermore, the initial rush to grow corn to produce ethanol suddenly made corn once available for food and the subsequent shortage thereof as a food supply exacerbate the conditions of starvation in third world.

Countries which had previously relied on relief efforts where the United States had previously donated it’s surplus crop yield were out of luck.

Such conditions could cloud making clear Ag predictions. Not so here!

Using the same methods and practices that made them the Ag leader in Southern Indiana, Precision Farming Solutions looked over the historic data for crop yields on the property.

They reviewed satellite photos in a variety of spectral illumination and judged the vitality of the vegetation.

They took soil samples to evaluate the land’s potential and they flew their drone aircraft over the property to map the layout and document the mechanics of how farming had taken place on the land and how it might possibly be improved to maximize yield.

Knowing agriculture as well as they do, Precision Farming Solutions was also able to theorize what crops would rate in the top ten as cash crops for a potential buyer and then estimate how much money the land was capable of producing.

A comprehensive report was produced

Any junior realtor could have performed a walk-through the Parson’s homestead and provided a property analysis of the house then created a listing on the MLS.

It took a true Ag leader like Precision Farming Solutions to supplement the value of the fifty acres in a tangible way that potential buyers could see the true importance that the land represented in the overall picture of the offering.

Without stating particulars, the income earning potential of that property as predicted by Precision Farming Solutions made the home a positive cash flow investment and thanks to a great collaboration of professionals, the Parsons easily sold their home for even a little more than they expected!